Renovating and Restoring Coalbrookdale Garden Furniture
coalbrookdale garden seat restored to its former glory

KC Antiques Ltd. is a small family firm restoring and renovating Coalbrookdale garden furniture for resale.
We are based in Shropshire.

Coalbrookdale developed a range of Cast Iron garden furniture in the 19th century.

Most of the Coalbrookdale designs were based on natural foliage for example Fern and Blackberry, Lily of the Valley, Horse Chestnut, Nasturtium and Passion Flower.

The designs were practical, often ornamental and were very popular. Leading sculptors were commissioned to produce unique designs and the company had a reputation for excellence in Victorian times.

In 1851 Coalbrookdale exhibited a selection of its castings at the Great Exhibition and in 1875 the foundry published an illustrated catalogue.

coalbrookdale catalogue
Coalbrookdale Illustrated Catalogue

There was a system for registering patent designs in the mid 19th century known as 'Kite Marks'. Each one was a diamond shape , see example below of a Coalbrookdale marking. These marks identify the date of registration as well as the maker or retailer

coalbrookdale kite mark
Coalbrookdale Kite Mark
Our stand at Hampton Court flower show 2018 showing off our Coalbrookdale Garden Furniture
Our stand at Hampton Court flower show 2018 displaying Coalbrookdale Garden Furniture
Our stand at Hampton Court flower show 2018

Rustic design with oak slats
Rustic design with oak slats
Restored Coalbrookdale Garden Bench
Fern & Blackberry Coalbrookdale bench with a walnut seat
Restored Coalbrookdale Garden Bench
Horse Chestnut Coalbrookdale bench with an oak seat
Restored Coalbrookdale Garden Bench
Victorian Cast Iron table stamped G. Jones & Co. 70 Castle Street, Bristol
Restored Coalbrookdale Garden Bench
Oval pattern Coalbrookdale bench designed by Christopher Dresser

The Coalbrookdale Iron Foundry was established in 1709 by Abraham Darby and is considered to be the birthplace of modern industry.

Examples of our Coalbrookdale renovation and restoration work
Photos above by John Quinn

coalbrookdale garden bench casting detail
Casting Detail
coalbrookdale garden bench in need or restoration
Bench Before Restoration
A renovated Bench